"Two students - Luvesh Bansal and Kushesh Bansal Experienced firsthand observation on how education and technology fell short of its promise to improve the enterprise management for students and educational institution administrator. We decided to change that by building an ERP aligned with the needs and monitoring style of education in the real world."


Luvesh Bansal Founder of SkoolRoom. He creates and leads the execution of SkoolRoom’s strategy for advancing what is possible in education. He has guided the company throughout the path consecutively for its growth. Today, SkoolRoom is the leading Enterprise resource planning serving enterprise, students , educators, advisors, and parents worldwide. He is a recognized education technology thought leader and frequently sought Industrial Manager. Luvesh leads SkoolRoom product engineering organization, including product management, design, software engineering, quality engineering, and systems engineering. He is a veteran product engineering leader with proven success in delivering solutions at the scale of every student in the world. Luvesh brings experience building world-class software architecture and engineering organizations that rapidly innovate and solve complex scaling challenges. He have best caliber in guiding teams to collaborate efficiently to solve significant traffic and data volume challenges in transaction-intensive operations.



Kushesh Bansal executive and founder of SkoolRoom is responsible for finance, accounting, legal, and administrative operations at SkoolRoom. He is the young Entrepreneur with wide vision and dynamic personality holding expertise knowledge in field of Accountancy.He brought over years of experience leading finance and administration teams. Kushesh leads product strategy and management for SkoolRoom, guiding the design of new innovations and managing the full product roadmap. His intense focus on intuitive usability and commitment to designing user experiences from the student outwards to the enterprise has resulted in SkoolRoom being recognized as the easiest Enterprise Resource Planning management system to learn and use. Kushesh oversees and directs systems engineering, architecture, and technical operations. He has led technical operations since SkoolRoom inception, building a team that operates, maintains, and evolves an infrastructure users across the world.