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Free School App selling your data

Is your Free School App selling your data?

As a future ready school, you may be looking to use a mobile app or may already be using one. However, if you have a FREE School Mobile App on your mind, we have bad news to share with you.

Have you ever thought why these companies are giving you a free service? Is anything really free today?

Hundreds of schools across the country who adopted a Free School Mobile App are getting complaints from angry parents. Parents are complaining about unsolicited phone calls and SMS selling everything from learning courses, coaching programs, to insurance and mutual funds for their kids!

Due to the lack of strict data security laws these companies often lure schools with free software and apps to get all their student data including parents’ mobile numbers and email IDs and turn around to sell them to multiple vendors.

How would you know which company will not sell your data? Check their service agreement. Ask them to include a clause which says they will never share your data with any third party. If they hesitate to do so, you would know why.

Don’t compromise your invaluable school data for a few thousand rupees. Get a good reliable cost-effective solution for your school. Investing a little money today, will save you a lot of money tomorrow.