SkoolRoom Partner Programs

For software vendors and consultants who are interested in distributing Skoolroom Management Software

Estimates show that there are more than 200 million schools in the world. A simple calculation reveals that this equates to an average of one school in every square kilometer of global land mass. This is the size of the market that has a real need for SkoolRoom Management Software. It represents an excellent opportunity for SkoolRoom’s partners to expand their business with a tried and trusted product.

SkoolRoom is totally committed to supporting its partners who wish to market the SkoolRoom ERP system. We are aware of the demand that is out there for a world class school ERP solution. At present, the market is dominated by two types of suppliers. One are the non-professional outfits who supply a solution but are unable to provide the vital after sales support that every institution needs The others offer high priced solutions that very often are beyond the budgetary capacity of most institutions.

The SkoolRoom system is perfectly positioned in terms of suitability, quality, pricing and after sales support. As a partner, you can easily tap into the huge potential that is out there at very low risk. You can select the partnership program that is best aligned to your values and objectives.

Channel Partners

Channel partners are specifically focused on re-selling and delivering the SkoolRoom platform and services. Join in with the fastest growing company in the Education sector.

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There is a fundamental difference between the product business model and services business model in the School ERP software industry. SkoolRoom is a well researched and well planned product with well defined roadmaps for future enhancements. Whether it is a school, college or training institute, we sell the same SkoolRoom ERP. Whether it is a school in Delhi, Lagos or New York, we sell the same SkoolRoom The product business model is highly scalable. The ratios are consistent and straightforward. Target 1000 schools, get 100 interested schools, convert 10. On average, there is a minimum of one school in every sq km. In a city like Delhi (India) with total area of 1500 sq km, there are 5500 schools. That is around 4 schools every sq km! The business model and sales strategies are included in partner training.


SkoolRoom management system pricing policy is very flexible and dynamic . It considers the potential and and the efficiency of the partner. Pricing for Partner is Onetime payment for the usuage of the application to various schools and colleges with the term and condition agreed mutually.


SkoolRoom offers training on SkoolRoom ERP System to enhance the business development and after-sale support process. It provide its partner with the complete technical backup and support for implementing the software to the various institute.


Anyone who completes the training and specializes in business development of SkoolRoom can become an affiliate partner to earn commission on sales. The APs will be assigned under Channel Partners of respective geographic areas. Channel Partners can negotiate with APs directly for their roles, responsibilities and benefits. Channel Partners can also recruit APs to enhance their business development network. #5 Eligibility Criteria Established business with strong financial health (If startup, the past experience of team and leaders will be considered) Experience in selling to and servicing education institutions Ability to commit and deliver on a revenue target Availability of dedicated sales and marketing resources Ability to establish and maintain a pipeline of customers and generate a steady flow of leads Customer references A minimum of one sales and one technical representative dedicated to SkoolRoom Strict adherence to SkoolRoom branding guidelines and business standards